Maximum Impact Exercises for Women to Do at Office

You love your job, and why should you not? It makes the ends meet. However, a job can be hazardous to your health, especially, if you work on a desk.

Office spaces are made to minimize movement and increase productivity. However, little did the makers of office spaces know that these same spaces can become a risk for desk workers, making them add a dozens of pounds every few days and straining parts of their bodies.

The desk jobs not only increase weight but also strain the back, wrists, eyes and even neck, according to studies published by some universities.

Another disadvantage of office work is stress. Surveys suggest stress can lead to depression, multiple health issues and sometimes even deaths.

To combat this adverse effect of office routine, it’s of essential importance to exercise regularly. But can one take out the time for exercise?

Helpfully, health practitioners have created workout routines for workplaces.

So, take out the time to work out between deadlines with these six maximum impact exercises.

Roof Raises:

Stand in an open space and push towards the ceiling with both your hands. Get weights in hands to maximize the impact.

Impact area: Shoulders and biceps

Hamstring curl:

Stand in an open area. Now bring your left foot near your rear, while bringing your hand in front. Repeat with the other foot.

Impact Area: Legs, Hips 오피

Knee Lifts:

Similar to hamstring curls but opposite. Bring your knee towards your stomach while your hands go in the opposite direction.

Impact area: Knee and Hips

Desk Pushups:

Place your hands either on a wall or on the desk. Press your body forward like a normal pushup. The only difference is that desk pushups are inclined.

Impact area: Triceps, Chest

Chair Dips:

While sitting on your seat, get up while holding the handles of your seat. Lift your body up by pushing with your hands. Remember, you need a stable seat for this exercise.

Impact area: Triceps, Wrists


You see Barack Obama running in the White House. Why can’t you? Though this might seems impossible in small offices, but try to take at least 100 paces per minute, whether on a machine or in office. If possible get outside the office for a small jog.


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