OnePlus Nord 2 a New Phone with Great Features


If you’re looking for an affordable smartphone with all the right features, then the all-original, unlocked Android handset of the OnePlus Nordic is the phone for you. With an array of features-phone or tablet-perfect for travelers, business people, or just casual internet users, the Nordic has everything you’ll need to make your life easier. But does it have everything you need to make a truly stand out device? The answer to this is a resounding yes!

Hardware. While the low-light camera of the OnePlus Nord 2 rivals the likes of the iPhone and Nokia phones in terms of megapixels, the two phones are quite different in terms of design and build quality. The camera on the OnePlus is nothing special: it’s simply a standard, capacitive touchpad with no optical zoom, no image stabilization, and no manual controls. On the other hand, the camera of the Nord is quite a step up from the already stellar iPhone. The f/2.4 lens on the front, coupled with four laser assisted, dual image sensor sensors on the back, allow for fantastic photos.

Storage. Like many modern smartphones, the OnePlus Nord comes with only a single storage card slot, allowing users to choose between a microSD card and an Ultra Wide Camera lens. The microSD card slots are adequate, though it’s limited to only 32GB. The HTC Desire and iPhone deal with cards as large as a hundred gigabytes, but the Nord doesn’t. It also offers no expansion slots, so it won’t be easy to insert more.

Camera vs. Video. Despite having the same camera system, the differences between these two phones are quite vast. The oneplus 2 has a higher IP rating than the onetoner, but the dual cameras on the handset allow it to take great high definition videos. In comparison to the iPhone, however, the Nexus 4 has an lacking video recording feature. It also lacks one of the best features to go with a smartphone, screen burn-in, which makes watching your favorite videos on the OnePlus Nord 2’s screen look like you just turned on the television. The iPhone, on the other hand, has an excellent screen capture system. OnePlus Nord 2

Pricing & Value. When it comes to pricing, the two smartphones almost don’t match up. The oneiton has a bigger price to pay, though, as it includes an extra fingerprint scanner, a larger battery, and a few other nifty features. The oneplus 2’s low cost is made up for by superior design and the many useful features that make it such a great value.

All in all, the OnePlus Nord 2 beats its predecessor hands down. With more features, a bigger battery life, a better camera experience, and a slew of killer apps, this small mid-range smartphone is a must-have. If you’re looking for a great phone with solid performance, great value, and easy usability, then the oneiton is definitely worth your attention!

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